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YTU Department of Economics

Our department's goal is to be an economics department that produces students who are strong in both social and mathematical aspects, capable of conceptualizing and solving economic problems, able to establish cause and effect relationships and think analytically, and specialized in their fields. We prioritize international publications and collaborations, and strive to follow both theoretical and current developments in economics education.


Message from the Head of Department

Dear Students,

You are the future of our country and you are precious to us. Therefore, our aim is to graduate you with a strong analytical ability to understand and interpret the rapidly changing world economy and the Turkish economy, and to provide you with a perspective that will enable you to find a healthy solution to complex events.

Yıldız Technical University is one of the leading universities of our country with more than a hundred years of history, and the Department of Economics is one of the most established departments of our university. Education and training in the Department of Economics:

will enable you to understand and adjust yourself to the economic, political, social, technological and organisational developments in our country and in the world,

provides a quality infrastructure for those who will work in competitive markets,

applies a flexible and dynamic curriculum with high standards, taking into account academic requirements, market needs and digital global and local economies.

In addition, by allowing students to take courses from other departments in our faculty, we enable our students to reach knowledge and experience in the areas they want to improve themselves. Moreover, within the scope of Erasmus activities of our department, many of our students have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at universities in Europe every year. Our approach to education does not only include lecturing. By bringing our students and graduates together, we support them to have an idea about the business lines they can work in. With the various events we organise throughout the year, we bring our students together with reputable people from various fields and ensure the flow of knowledge and experience.


Prof. Dr. Fazıl KAYIKÇI

Head of Deparment